Marsh Music House

What is the Marsh Music House?

Simply put, it's a FREE NETWORKING PLATFORM, primarily focused on Michigan Music

ENTERTAINERS: MUSICIANS, BANDS ETC, That are serious, working in the arts people, this is for you. Hobbyists are welcome, but for now, there is no separate listing for these. This shouldn’t stop you from checking out the others involved.   RECORDING STUDIOS, MIXERS, MASTERS ETC. There’s a category for you as well.  MUSIC STORES, We have room for you too!  VENUES!  List your events on our calendar, use this platform to help spread the word of your entertainment aspects! This is for you too!  Check out the Entertainers when you have a booking need!

The MMH is seeking ALL OF YOU to add to the listings. The more the better. We would like to see a "One-stop Shopping", type of network where you can All find what you’re looking for in ONE PLACE!

ADDITIONALLY: the MMH will let you know of new and upcoming opportunities that may affect you! Just "Like" our facebook page to catch these updates. Events for networking opportunities will also be listed (like Music at the Marsh), as well as Special Events where the MMH has provided connections for Entertainers and Businesses (like Bay Harbor‘s Converging Creatives ). We will also note YOUR events on the CALENDAR, just drop us a line with the info. 

The Main Locust for the MMH will be here on this site. TO BE PART OF THIS: contact Michael  at: with the info you want displayed, a digital photo and any links to your own websites, streaming mp3’s, mp4’s or any pertinent material. As mentioned there is also a face book page, where current general updates can be found.